About Ultralyte

P D Savera LLP is an endeavour towards building an eco-friendly conscious society where nature and future can grow harmoniously. Modern day construction practices take many points into consideration. While aesthetic and strength are the prime factors, products are also judged on attributes such as-

  • Timely Completetion

  • Eco Friendliness

  • Workability

  • Cost Effectiveness

  • Safety

  • These attributes propelled us to present ULTRALYTE AAC BLOCKS. Manufactured at the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities located at Rangiya, Assam is an eco-friendly, cost-effective and safe, brick substitute which preserves the harmony of the nature and saves your project form heavy construction costs and delayed completion. It truly proves to be a super advantageous option to traditional clay brick. We at P D Savera LLP, are poised to revolutionize and transform the conventional walling materials with innovation, trust & superior quality.

    We are a company specialising in AAC blocks and related products for all your wall construction needs.

    We provide the highest quality AAC blocks and related products to ensure eco-friendly, sturdy building and timely completion of wall constructions.

    We are highly experienced in the building material industry and are committed to exceptional quality to bring you nothing but the very best!