Product Details:

1. ULTRABOND (AAC Bond Adhesive) is available in pack size of 40 kg  with shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture under proper storage.
2. ULTRABOND is made from polymeric additives which helps in providing mechanical bond between block to block.
3. It is a ready to mix product thereby eliminating need for bulk storage of Sand and Cement.
4. ULTRABOND are able to withstand hammering and chiselling. Due to measured application and thin bed the wall construction is accurate.
5. ULTRABOND confirms with ASTM C 1660 – 09 and has a pot life of 90 minutes.

User Guideline:

• Always clean the surface before application to remove any loose particles or laitance.
• Ensure that the surface is solid (hard and rigid) for the given application and free from voids, holes, and cracks.
• Pre-wetting of blocks.
• Ensure surface is well saturated before application.
• Mix 3 parts of ULTRABOND to 1 part water (by volume) and mix to smooth, workable stiff paste.
• Always add the powder to water.
• Allow the mix to stand for 2-3 min for the paste to mature.
• Do not add water to the already mixed mortar to extend the pot life.
• Put well-mixed ULTRABOND on the block with the help of trowel, spread mortar uniformly on the unit for a 3mm bed thickness.
• Firmly place the block with slight shear to ensure proper transfer and bonding.
• ULTRABOND to be applied on the block and on column and beam for good bonding at the joints.