AAC blocks are a popular choice in today’s constructions and for a good reason! These blocks are made of high quality materials and bring a number of benefits like firm structure, thermal insulation, smooth workability etc. Here are some reasons behind using AAC blocks–

  • It helps in high quality constructions
  • It leads to faster completion
  • It is easier to transport
  • It provides flexibility in designing
  • It is long lasting

aac block advantages

Using AAC blocks is extremely advantageous since it comes with a host of benefits. These blocks are made of high quality material and is useful when you want to create high quality building solutions at affordable prices. Here are some advantages of AAC Blocks –

  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Design flexibility & easy workability
  • Faster construction
  • Energy efficient & thermal insulation
  • Eco Friendly
  • Fire Resistant & Cost Saving

aac block comparison with clay brick

AAC blocks are the new age preferred building solutions which are great alternatives to the more conventional clay bricks. If you’re confused between the two and wondering which would be a better choice, here are some comparison pointers to help you decide –

  • AAC blocks are lighter than clay bricks
  • AAC blocks are stronger than clay bricks
  • AAC blocks take 50% less construction time than clay bricks
  • AAC blocks require much less curing compared to clay bricks

aac block cost saving & benefits

When you use AAC blocks for your construction, you end up saving a lot on your costs! These blocks with their unique properties simplify the process and are easy to move around as well. Here are a few ways in which AAC blocks help you save money –

  • AAC blocks cut down construction time by a lot
  • AAC blocks are much cheaper to transport
  • AAC blocks do not require too much mortar or labour
  • AAC blocks can build walls with lesser number of joints

A Revolutionary Construction Solution!

Today, the construction practices all over the world take into consideration a number of aspects, right from eco-friendliness, cost-effectiveness, workability to timely completion. With Ultralyte AAC Block our aim is to bring these very attributes to every construction. Manufactured at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, our AAC Block is an exceptional brick substitute that leads to large savings in your construction cost and prevents delayed completion.

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our Products

At Ultralyte, we are committed to bring you the best quality products. Our AAC blocks are certified green building material & our AAC adhesive is highly versatile and powerful. With our products, we look forward to uplifting the quality of construction while ensuring the eco-friendly benefits of AAC.

AAC Blocks

At Ultralyte, our goal is to help build an environment conscious society where nature and future can coexist and thrive. Today’s construction practices often take into consideration this aspect, along with other crucial factors such as safety, profitability, workability and timely completion.


Ultrabond is our AAC block adhesive. It is a polymer-based versatile jointing material and has been designed to provide high bonding and durability to your construction. Also, it speeds up the building process of AAC blocks ensuring timely completion.


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Our team at Ultralyte is built of highly skilled, experienced and professional individuals who have come together to create a strong brand with an incredible work ethic! We are committed to working together and taking our company to greatest heights, while also bringing the finest solutions to all our customers and clients.